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Our searchable map includes programs and resources across the United States. Our members support grieving children, teens, families and the communities they live in.

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20th Annual NAGC Symposium

June 23 to 25, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana

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2016 Grief Reach Grants

New York Life Foundation, in partnership with the NAGC, is excited to provide $1.25 Milion in funding for outreach to under-served populations across the United States.…

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Latest Blog Headlines

10 Nov, 2015

Since watching my first TED Talk many years ago, I have been a TED enthusiast. Inspirational, educational, entrepreneurial...many of these talks are so life-changing that they practically obligate the viewer to consider the world in a different way. And while I have always been a fan, under no scenario did I ever imagine personally stepping into the admirable red circle. Between my self-perceived lack of entrepreneurialism, fairly severe public speaking anxiety, and a paralyzing fear of cameras, imagine my surprise when I not only worked up enough courage to submit an application, but was subsequently accepted to speak at TEDxLincoln in October 2015.

07 Oct, 2015

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Grief and Loss

Dr. Doka's presentation will focus on the ways that hospices and other organizations can assist grieving children from the time of admission through the bereavement process. He will discuss the ways that a child's grief may be expressed as well as review the interventive strategies that can assist children as they cope with illness, loss, and grief.

06 Jul, 2015

Sometimes, I just want to smack somebody. Yeah, I said it. Kris from Heartlinks, who wears a cape and loves helping people with her whole heart, sometimes just wants to let loose with a right hook on the next person who walks through the door. I realize that for some this may come as a shock. Well, maybe not, but my pride tells me that it should be shocking. Like everyone in this imperfect world, I get frustrated, overwhelmed, and downright mad. My children right now would be rolling their eyes and saying "duh" to me.

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