Supporting Children of All Abilities who are Grieving

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All Abiliites Activities
LAUNCHING DECEMBER 3, 2021 honoring International Day of Persons with Disabilities

These resources focus on adapting bereavement programs for children and teens so they are accessible to children of all abilities. The process of developing a more inclusive program is both rewarding and challenging but the simple strategies, activities, and resources create a great starting point in thinking around this topic.   

The toolkit shares the R.I.C.E. model along with frequently asked questions and direct links to additional resources.

The activity guide shares some activities that may work in a group that has a range of abilities with suggested accommodations.  The list of accommodations is not exhaustive and is intended to support your thinking in how you can meaningfully engage your group.  The activities checklist is a tool to support reviewing existing activities in your program to make them more accessible.

A note on the use of the term “all abilities”.  We chose to use the term “all abilities” in this toolkit to promote a welcoming and inclusive message to all our participants and their families.  This also reflects the current thinking that it is helpful to use person-first language, in other words, that we acknowledge the person first and not their condition.  So, we would say, “a child with a disability” rather than “a disabled child”.  In using the term “all abilities” we acknowledge our common humanity and that we are all people first!  Please see our FAQ section for more information on the use of language when working with people of all abilities with grief. 

The staff of the National Alliance for Children’s Grief would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who contributed ideas and/or activities for this toolkit:
  • Jennifer Borio OTD, OTR/L Intern, NACG 

  • Ashlie Evans, MHA, Kate’s Club, GA

  • Bethany Frazier, B.S., Camp For All, TX

  • Kailey Hanrath, LLMSW, Henry Ford SandCastles, MI

  • Vicki Jay, NACG

  • Megan Lopez, MSW, LMSW, NACG

  • LaShandra McLaughlin, DSW, LCSW, APHSW-C, Transition Kids, SC

  • Sally Ries, B.A., Fernside Center for Grieving Children, OH

  • Jamie Schwellenbach, LCPC, R-DMT, Center for Grieving Children, ME 

  • Amy Strom, LCSW-QS, M.S.S.A.., M.Ed., Valerie’s House, FL

  • The workgroup was led by Jennifer Wiles, MA, LMHC, BC-DMT, HEARTplay Program, MA 

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