NAGC Member Work Groups

(Note: NAGC Members will need to log into NAGC Member Website to Access Application Form)
The overall goal of these groups is to identify and share best practices on topics relevant to the field of childhood bereavement.

We are excited about the wealth of information that can stem from these groups and will serve the greater community!

Depending on the response to each Work Group, as well as the topic and timeline, not everyone who applies to participate may be selected to participate. Please know that this will be an on-ongoing process with the goal of including input from as many of the membership as possible. If not now, then later your input will be important! We ask for your patience, as we navigate this process.

Expectations of all Work Groups

  • Work groups will be formed from need and interest of the NAGC membership.
  • NAGC will support the formation and outcomes of work groups as needed.
  • Work groups will be facilitated by member(s) who will report to the NAGC staff.
  • Work groups will have a limited number of participants.
  • Work groups are expected to achieve an identified outcome in an agreed upon timeline.
  • Timelines and meeting frequencies will be determined by the need and the work group.
  • The outcomes/products should be representative of the consensus of the work group.
  • All products/outcomes must be submitted to NAGC staff by agreed upon timeline.
  • All outcomes/products will have a secondary review.
  • All products of work groups are owned by NAGC as a collective member organization.

 Work Group Ground Rules

During meeting calls:

  • Remember purpose of work group is for the greater good, not self.
  • All members of the group have valuable input to contribute and need to be heard.
  • Explore all options and opinions. Use open questions and be open to questions from others.
  • Please be mindful you will be representing a part of the field; speak for them, not just for yourself.
  • Each meeting will have a sharing component, a reporting component, a drafting/iterating component, and possibly a homework component.
  • Homework should be done before the next meeting.
  • The goal of the Work Group meetings is to share, decide, and act.
  • Everything is shareable and transparency is important.
  • Please refrain from working on other projects on your laptop/phone during calls.

New! Building Resources Workgroup

Beginning in August 2019, we are launching a Building Resources Work Group. This short-term working group will be formed quarterly or as needed for special topics. Currently, we are working on a Super Heroes Campaign for the National Children’s Grief Awareness campaign in the Fall of 2019. This group will meet beginning in August, with an expected outcome of developing tips on “How to Raise Childhood Bereavement Awareness in Your Community” and a “How to be a Hero to Grieving Children” toolkit.

If you are a current NAGC Member and are interested in utilizing your awesome skills and knowledge to benefit others who share the mission of serving grieving children, please log into the NAGC Member website to access and complete the application by Sunday, August 11th.

Building Resources Workgroup: Super Heroes Campaign (Apply by August 11, 2019)bigstock Superheroes

Staff Support: Vicki Jay and Megan Lopez
Timeline: August - October
(once this Workgroup has met its timeline and outcomes, it will dissolve)

Weekly in August
2 x in September
2 x in October

Expected outcome:
Development of
(1) Tips on “How to Raise Childhood Bereavement Awareness in A Community”
(2) “How to be a Hero to Grieving Children” toolkit

Application of Developed Resources:
• Tip Sheet will be on the NAGC website and fully downloadable at no charge.
• Toolkit will be on the NAGC website and fully downloadable at no charge.
• Both resources will be shared with all NAGC members.

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