How to Support Kids in a School Setting

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What Do We Tell Children?

Here are some helpful articles and blogposts about how to talk to children about death:

Resources: For When There is a Crisis in Your Community


When a Death Occurs in a Community: Helping Children and Teens

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studentParents and other adults have an opportunity to turn a tragedy into a learning experience.  It is an opportunity to become closer to the children and teens in your life by sharing this experience.

As a role model, your ability to share and communicate openly empowers the children and teens around you to express their feelings more comfortably, and it helps them to learn empathy and concern for others.

Sample Letter to Parents When there has been a Death in the School Community

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Communicating with families during a time of crisis is essential.  It iss important for all the children to have the same information to avoid rumors, which start quickly. 

Written communication is essential, even if the announcement is to be made verbally.  It is important that everyone have the same facts.  Written communication makes it easier to translate as well.

Children should be encouraged to tell what they have heard and understand so that rumors can be dispelled.  There may be certain vocabulary that they need to have explained.

A Guide for Teachers about Grieving Students

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NAGC member Willow House (Chicago, IL) provided this handout for teachers to help them with their students.

Download this one page document.

Summary: Grieving students do not need for you to become an instant counselor. They do need for you to be there for them by letting them talk about their fears, concerns and feelings. They need to feel safe and not judged by peers or supervisors.

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Community Crisis Checklist

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