Children's Grief Awareness Day

Promoting Children's Grief Awareness

Are you ready to take the issue of childhood grief to the next level?

It's time to partner up and broaden our reach when it comes to leading the discussion about childhood grief.  The holiday season is upon us and many families are grappling with the loss of a loved one more than what is commonly thought.  Surveys have shown that parents of grieving children face big challenges with helping their kids cope with grief, a burden often complicated by a lack of community awareness about bereavement as well as resources responding to the grief of kids and parents alike.

The time has come to change that.

A Letter to You From Your Loved One

A powerful, beautiful activity for greiving children/teens is to have them write a letter as if it is from the person who died. Use the following prompts to help jumpstart writing. This is an activity that can be used year-round and with adults as well.

Click HERE for a PDF of this activity

Children’s Grief Awareness Day Resolution passes in Florida

NAGC member Suncoast Kid’s Place in Tampa and The Caring Tree in Tallahassee were present at the Capital on April 7, 2011 when the Children’s Grief Awareness Day resolution was passed by the Florida legislature.  

The resolution designates the third Thursday in November as Children’s Grief Awareness Day. 

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