Learning Objectives - Tips for Writing

In writing objectives, answer the question: 

"What should the participants be able to do and how well must they do it?" Objectives must be clear and attainable. Focus on acquisition or reinforcement of particular knowledge or skill. A recommended format for wording objectives is: "At the completion of this activity, participants should be able to...." This phrase is followed by a specific performance verb and the desired learning outcome.

Word or phrases such as know, think, appreciate, learn, comprehend, remember, perceive, understand, be aware of, be familiar with, have knowledge of, grasp the significance, are NOT measurable and should be avoided.

Objectives are NOT the same as the goals of the course and should not be a description of the course. They should be communicated to the faculty to assist them in preparing their presentations and to the participants so they will know what to expect from the course.

Examples of performance verbs include:

learning objs pic2