Virtual Fall Conference on Children's Grief FAQ

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Virtual Fall Conference on Children's Grief

Question: In years past you have had a “host an event” option. Is that available again this year?

Answer:  No, due to the pandemic we decided not to encourage events and instead lowered the price and included CE’s so that it would be more affordable for people to individually purchase a link to the event.

Question:  Will there be a recording available? Can we use the recording to host an event?

Answer: Yes, we will be recording the event and yes you can rent the video for a fee to hold an event if you choose. Please remember if you choose to view the recording instead of the live event there will be no CE’s attached.

Question: Do we have to be logged on in order to get CE’s?

Answer: Yes, in order to get CE’s for this event you must purchase the individual link and use that link to sign in on the day of the event. You must also be present for the entire event to get CE’s. Partial CE’s will not be given for this event.

Question: What is the cost of the event?

Answer: $40 for members and $80 for nonmembers, these prices include 4.5 CE’s.

Question: What if we only have 3 members but have 6 people we want to register for the event?

Answer: The cheapest way to remedy this is to move to a larger membership, email megan @ for assistance.

Question: What if we have a 9 person membership but 15 people to register?

Answer: If you already have the largest membership please reach out to Megan @ for different options.

Question: In years past I have submitted a spreadsheet for CE’s, will spreadsheets be accepted this year?

Answer: No, to get CE’s this year all you have to do is use your link and CE’s will be automatically sent to you at the end of the event.

Question: Can I pay for CE’s separately

Answer: No, this year CE’s are included in the price of the event.


If you have any questions not covered here, please send them to .