Submit a "Dear Me" Letter for Children's Grief Awareness Month

Our children are grieving and growing up is hard! We want to acknowledge them and support them through their grief.bigstock Close Up Teenager Girl Writes 243837394

In recognition of National Children’s Grief Awareness month, the National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) would like to request your help in raising awareness and supporting our youth. Many of us experienced loss as a youth and we survived to adulthood. 

I can remember nights crying myself to sleep thinking that life as I knew it was over and nothing would ever be OK again.

What if we could know that our future was secure and there can be a positive life ahead. Take a moment and remember what it felt like to be a grieving child. Remember all the things that fell into place after the death, good and hard times, people who supported and put you down, things that helped and things that didn’t.

What lessons did you learn? What do you remember about that time? What was most helpful? How did your loss as a youth, contribute to who you are today? Please share your insights as a tool to help others.

I see now how grief changes. As hard as it is to believe, you will be ok! We can do this!

Write these things down as a letter to your younger self and share them with us this November. With your letter you can help today’s grieving kids see that there is a future ahead.

(Link to release form for authors under 18 years old).