Children’s Grief Awareness Movie Bracket Challenge

Grief is different for everyone. However, many times, children and families who’ve experienced the loss of a loved one (or pet) can find comfort in movies that address death and its complicated aftermath. To help bring awareness to and generate conversations around these movies and children’s grief, we have our first-ever Children’s Grief Awareness Movie Bracket Challenge in partnership with Children's Grief Awareness Day – where YOU will vote to determine the MOST POPULAR movie for children/families who are grieving. Ranging from lighthearted to serious, the films listed in the Movie Bracket Challenge feature characters who deal with the devastation of death yet also find support and comfort as they process their emotions and learn to move forward.

Participation in this challenge is easy:Grief Movie Bracket Scoring

  • Download and print the Movie Challenge Bracket worksheet, and select your preferred winners.
  • Optional: Submit your bracket to the NAGC here to be entered into the NAGC's official bracket tracking system. Challenge your friends, co-workers, and volunteers. Check the latest scores and keep up with the standings via our facebook posts.
  • Follow the NAGC and Children's Grief Awareness Day on Facebook to cast your vote on the movie challenge posts. VOTE for your favorites starting FRIDAY, August 28th! Once each round’s winners have been selected, scoring for brackets that are filled out is as follows:
    - Award 1pt. per each correctly guessed First Round match-up winner.
    - Award 2pts. per each correctly guessed Second Round match-up winner.
    - Award 5pts. per each correctly guessed Third Round match-up winner.
    - Award 10pts. per each correctly guessed Final Four match-up winner.
    - Award 20pts. per correctly guessed Finals match-up winner.
  • Haven’t watched all of these movies? Pick a movie and schedule a movie night with your family!


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