Be an Everyday Hero- Campaign Toolkit

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What is a hero? Does heroism demand extraordinary circumstances, or can heroism take place in our everyday lives?

A hero is someone who inspires us by their example. Heroes show us through their example that anything is possible.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The NAGC is launching a hero’s campaign in honor of the 2019 National Children’s Grief Awareness month. During the month of November, we will learn how to be an everyday hero to grieving children as well as recognize those who have been a hero to grieving children.

Join us as we explore ways to be a hero, create new heroes, and celebrate the heroes among us.

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Important Dates:

Monday, October 14: Last day to order a NAGC Campaign T-Shirt
Friday, November 1: Children's Grief Awareness Month Officially begins
Friday, November 1: Last Day to register for NAGC Fall Conference & Webcast
Friday, November 8: NAGC Fall Conference & Webcast
Tuesday, November 19: StoryCorps Webinar on How to Create Your Own Recording Studio
Thursday, November 21: Children's Grief Awareness Day
Saturday, November 30: Last day of Children's Grief Awareness Month
Tuesday, December 3: Giving Tuesday

Support our T-Shirt Campaign: SUPER Hero in Disguise

The NAGC has launched a t-shirt campaign for Children's Grief Awareness month! The deadline to order in this campaign is October 14th!
We believe that anyone who supports a grieving child is a Super Hero! Available in 4 colors. Shirts will be mailed to directly to you. Orders to arrive between October 23rd and November 1st.


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Share Your Hero StoryYou are the hero

Do you have a hero story you would like to share? Were you transformed into an everyday hero through tragedy? Were there everyday heroes along the way who helped you at critical points in your journey?

Share Your Story

Host a NAGC Fall Conference Viewing Event

For Children's Grief Awareness Month, the National Alliance for Grieving Children will again host a Fall Conference & Webcast on Children's Grief. This year's webcast is entitled "Ethical Considerations for Grief Support after a Traumatic Death" and will take place on Friday, November 8, 2019. (Register by Nov. 1st)
Become a Host

Share Our Print-Ready Materials

Please download ready to print PDFs of our free campaign materials to support your outreach and awareness efforts.

"Be An Everyday Hero" Poster & Flyers

8.5 x 11 Be An Everyday Hero Flyer with Ways to Participate DOWNLOAD
8.5 x 11 Be An Everyday Hero Flyer with 5 Tips to Support a Bereaved Child/Teen DOWNLOAD
11 x 17 Be An Everyday Hero Poster DOWNLOAD

Hero Activity Sheet & Answer Sheet

Hero Activity Sheet & Answer Sheet
8.5 x 11 Hero Activity Sheet (With Answer Key) DOWNLOAD

Wanted: Everyday Heroes Coloring Page

Wanted: Everyday Heroes Coloring Page
8.5 x 11 Wanted Everyday Heroes Coloring Page DOWNLOAD

NAGC Hero Toolkit

NAGC Hero Toolkit
Coming Soon!

Social Media

The NAGC will be posting throughout the month of Novemeber. Please like and share our posts! Here are a few posts you can expect to see:

Encourage Me
Share in My Grief Journey
Practice Following My Lead
Remember My Person
Understand I Grieve Differently

Outreach Opportunities

  • Print and share the "Everyday Heroes" activity and/or coloring sheet. Distribute to local restaurants and other businesses along with tip sheet on how to be a hero to grieving children. Include information about your center.
  • Coming Soon! Share the "How to Be an Everyday Hero Activity Toolkit”
  • Identify and celebrate the Everyday Heroes in your community. Everyday Heroes are anyone who supports a grieving child. Perhaps it is volunteers, donors, partner organizations, teachers, community leaders, Sunday school teachers, counselors, scout leaders, fellow grieving children and teens, and many more. Celebrate their heroism publicly through local media, social media, and special events in your community.