Activity Sharing - Request for Proposals

We are looking for 20 people to present their activity at the symposium.

We want your best, most innovative, and most successful activities! If your activity is selected you will be provided with a table to share your activity at a designated time and a $50 discount on your symposium registration! You are responsible for bringing all of your needed supplies with you. If you are interested please submit your activity by February 3rd for review.


Richmond Marriott Downtown
500 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219
1 (800) 228-9290 or (804) 643-3400

February 3, 2017 (Decisions Expected at the end of February, 2017.)

Friday June 23rd from 12:30pm to 1:15pm.

Each activity presenter will be allocated table top space for activity display. Activity presentations should be interactive and include either a sample or pictures of the activity. The presentation should present the activity to attendees; discuss materials needed, and offer general information on how this activity has been used in your support program. Offering a live demonstration of the activity (if possible) is encouraged. All activity presenters will be assigned a table space prior to set-up.

You may bring your materials with you or mail it ahead. If you are mailing materials, address your package in the following format:

Guest Name:  <First Name, Last Name> Date of Arrival: <June 21/22/23, 2017>
NAGC Symposium Activity- Parcel 1 of 1
Richmond Marriott Downtown
500 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 643-3400

Materials are not to arrive prior to 3 days before the symposium. The hotel requests advance notice of the shipment and number of parcels.

Please have your activity in place no later than Friday 12:15pm.

Each presentation selected for live presentation at the symposium will receive one $50 discount toward Symposium Registration fees.

Your Information
Activity Information
Please select the target population. Please note, you can select multiple groups.
Please describe your activity
Presenter Confirmation: 1. I accept the invitation to present the session listed above at the 21st Annual National Alliance for Grieving Children Symposium in Richmond, VA on June 22 – 24, 2017. 2. I understand that each presentation receives one $50 discount toward Symposium Registration fees. 3. I agree to inform the NAGC in writing of any changes in the session or presenters as soon as possible. 4. I agree to provide any handouts to the NAGC by May 22, 2017. 5. I understand that table top space will be provided by the NAGC. 6. I understand that my presentation is not to be marketing or advertising for products or services that I provide. 7. I assume responsibility for all travel, lodging and other related expenses. 8. I understand that my audience will be seasoned professionals in the field of grief and loss and I will tailor my presentation to meet this professional level.
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