About the NACG

The National Alliance for Children's Grief (NACG) is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the needs of children and teens who are grieving a death and provides education and resources for anyone who supports them. Through the collective voice of our members and partners, we educate, advocate and raise awareness about childhood bereavement.
The NACG is a nationwide network comprised of professionals, institutions, and volunteers who promote best practices, educational programming, and critical resources to facilitate the mental, emotional and physical health of grieving children and their families.

We exist as thought leaders, researchers, and professionals in the childhood bereavement field to:
•    Strengthen and expand our field in order to collectively raise awareness.
•    Promote the availability of resources in communities across North America and elevate the profile of grief support centers.
•    Develop evidence-based practical approaches and educational tools and opportunities that address the subject of childhood bereavement.
•    Increase public sensitivity and competency while garnering community support for bereaved children.
•    Advocate for children and families who have faced a death and recognize that healing after loss is a matter of public health.

What We Do
The NACG is the only professional member organization specifically addressing issues about childhood bereavement that offers:
Continuing Education
Peer Networking
An Annual Symposium on Children's Grief
A National Database of Children's Bereavement Support Programs

Our Mission is to raise awareness about the needs of children and teens grieving a death and provide education and resources to anyone who wants to support them.

Our Vision is for no child to have to grieve alone. All bereaved children, no matter where they live or their circumstances, should have the support and resources they need to positively adapt to a loss in their lives.


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