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Since 2008, the New York Life Foundation has been an active champion and the largest funder of the childhood bereavement field, dedicated to increasing awareness of this important issue; supporting initiatives serving bereaved youth and their families; and growing the capacity, network, and sustainability of this field.

In 2011, the Foundation started the Grief Reach Grant program* in partnership with the National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) to expand the reach and access of local bereavement programs and services to underserved youth.  All grants are reviewed by a diverse committee selected by the NAGC and the Foundation.  The committee makes recommendations to the Foundation and all final decisions on grants are made by the Foundation.  There are two funding opportunities: Community Expansion Grants and Capacity Building Grants for agencies that provide bereavement support services to children and teenagers.

  • Community Expansion Grants: This is the sixth year that Grief Reach has offered community expansion grants. These grants are intended to fund program expansion to include bereaved children and teens not currently served by existing services. For more information about program grants, click HERE.
  • Capacity Building Grants: This is the third year that Grief Reach is offering capacity building grants. Capacity building grants will allow nonprofits to secure the professional and timely assistance necessary to enhance organizational capacity and address important issues of organizational development and effectiveness. For more information about capacity building grants, click HERE

*The funds for these grants are generously provided by the New York Life Foundation.  The oversight and RFP process is managed by the National Alliance for Grieving Children.

Dates to Apply

In 2018, there will be two application cycles for the Grief Reach grant program:

  • CYCLE 1:  March 5 - April 5, 2018 (Application closes 8:00 PM Eastern)
  • CYCLE 2: June 28- July 30, 2018 (Application closes 8:00 PM Eastern)

For More Information

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Please attend one of the following webinars:

RFP Q & A Webinar, Cycle 1 – March 8, 2018 at 2:00p Eastern      Webinar Playback

RFP Q & A Webinar,  Cycle 2 – July 12, 2018 at 2:00pm Eastern   Register for this Webinar

Please note:  there will be an in-person informational session at the NAGC Symposium on June 28th during the lunch session.

To access our Grief Reach FAQ page click HERE.

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Please contact Megan Lopez at:

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