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Our searchable map includes programs and resources across the United States. Our members support grieving children, teens, families and the communities they live in.

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June 18 to 20, 2015 in Portland, Oregon

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Latest Blog Headlines

25 Nov, 2014

Spoiler Alert: The following blog post contains plot details and thoughts on the new animated film, Big Hero 6.

Who knew that a towering, inflatable robotic healthcare companion starring in a best selling movie would offer a poignant tale for Children's Grief Awareness Day?  His name is Baymax and he is the lovable nurse-superhero at the center of Disney's hot new animated feature, Big Hero 6.

24 Nov, 2014

In honor of Children’s Grief Awareness Month, the National Alliance for Grieving Children has invited bloggers to tell the world how it feels to have had someone they love die. This week, 20-something Jennifer Graham shares her story.

20 Nov, 2014

We designate days as "special" and ritualize them because they mean something to us historically, religiously, or culturally. They are often days that intend to preserve memory or tradition. We have Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day and Labor Day. There are days we have preserved as part of our cultural heritage and there are days where causes seek national attention like Children's Grief Awareness Day.

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